Dick Cheney for President

  Richard Poor, May 21, 2009

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The Republican Party is in search of new leader and their litany of candidates seem content only in critiquing each other rather than dealing with the barrage of unscrupulous attacks from the left. The only one who seems disengaged from this improvident dance is the former Vice President.

Dick Cheney, by standing up to the slanderous lies propagated by the Obama administration and the leftwing media, is fast becoming the de facto Republican leader that the party is so urgently seeking.

After watching Mr. Cheney, the American citizen, speak so succinctly and forcefully this morning I was left thinking how nice it would be if he were to run for the presidency. No doubt, Obama is also a good speaker, when he has a teleprompter that is; however, Cheney seems to be able to cut through all the twaddle and deception perpetrated by Mr. Obama and the left.

Where Obama's speeches can be accurately described as sinuous, yet vacant speechifying; Cheney's words were born of strength, experience, and veracity. I was left very impressed today by an American citizen, but disappointed, yet again, by the man who is attempting to act as a president.

Despite having no American flags behind him, or no presidential pulpit [or even a stamp expressing office of the president-elect, as one pompous man once used], Dick Cheney was far more presidential than Obama. Strip away the location, all the flags, and teleprompter and Obama would ultimately be left sounding like a high-school Model United Nations student.

Cheney, was by far, more impressive standing before the pallid partition at the American Enterprise Institute than Obama, who spoke behind the regality of the presidential seal and endless sea of red, white, and blue… This dueling dichotomy bespeaks of the true nature of each man; one is legitimate and does not need any ostentatious display to be impressive while the other continuously employs empty platitudes and desperately needs slogans, propaganda pictures, and/or impressive backgrounds in order to detract people from the reality of his empty rhetoric.

The President of the United States
Bows to Saudi King

  Richard Poor, April 08, 2009

What message has Barack sent to our closest ally? He merely nodded politely to the Queen of England, whose nation has stood with us as brothers before and after the murderous acts of 9/11, yet bowed, with cowardly humility, to the King of Saudi Arabia whose country arguably supported/supports terrorism against the United States and her citizenry.

Moreover, how can the President of the United States bow down to a king? Our American Founders bled, died, and sacrificed so that their posterity would not cower down, as simple subjects, to a concave crown. How far and how quickly has this once great nation fallen; from Patrick Henry’s famous last words, “give me liberty, or give me death” to Obama’s, now infamous, craven bow.

Micelle Obama, once callously remarked that she had never been proud of her country [in her adult life], now all Americans can feel a great lack of pride in their country thanks to the irresponsible actions of Barack Hussein Obama.

American White Elephant

  Richard Poor, April 06, 2009

In stark contrast to the ravings of network and some cable news, corporate greed is not the white elephant that is killing America. On the contrary, greed is the engine that drives many of these corporations forward and steers them through difficult times. To focus solely on corporations is try to distort the picture from the true problem; liberal politicians and the unions they support.

It has become painfully clear over the years that liberal politicians are more interested in winning elections than doing anything truly good for America. Take, for example, California; at one time California alone, would have ranked amongst the top 10 economies in the world. However, after years of liberal abuse, California with its bloated teachers' unions and outrageous social spending [even on illegal immigrants] is perennially bankrupt. It is inconceivable that a state with such abundant riches can be brought down to the current abysmal level... yet, it has happened and that it precisely what Obama and his fellow liberals want to do to America.

The American auto industry is in crisis due to one glaring problem - unions. However, liberals have long supported corpulent unions, to the detriment of American industry, because it garnered them votes - no matter the cost to America as a whole. American auto-makers can hardly be expected compete when it costs more to make an American car on American soil, than it does say a Toyota on American soil.

It is true, at one point, unions were very necessary, but not now – there are now numerous federal regulations and various agencies which have been put in place in order to protect workers from abuse. Since their primary function has already been addressed, unions now only serve to atrophy the American working capital by making it prohibitively expensive to compete. So what does Obama do about the current situation - he promptly sacrifices the CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, to the altar of liberal lies.

Clearly, Mr. Wagoner was not the problem, but Obama had to give a face to his liberal devotees... to him and other liberals, the fact that he was not responsible for this mess was, and is, utterly irrelevant - that is not to say that he was an angel among men, but rather that to blame him for the current crisis in the American auto industry is disingenuous at best and a lie at worst.

If only Obama would hold other liberal democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi or Chris Dodd, and himself to the same standard… after all they penned and passed the most expensive bill[s] in American history… and perhaps ultimately, the most wasteful one[s] as well. Somehow I doubt Obama will hold these people responsible for their irresponsible actions during a time of economic downturn which they possibly transformed into a crisis.

Astonishingly, some have even attempted to defend Barack Hussein Obama’s attack on the free market [which is what the firing of Rick Wagoner by a politician represents] by attempting to argue that America never embraced free trade. They fallaciously cite Alexander Hamilton's support for tariffs as evidence against free trade in America. However their argument is akin to arguing that America never embraced democracy because the founding fathers supported constructing a republic, rather than a true democracy.

The issue is not all or nothing, it is not so black and white; rather there are tenets of free trade in our market system and tenets of democracy in our republic. These established pillars are extremely important for the well-being and success of our nation – they cannot simply be cast aside, simply because they do not fit neatly into a succinct nomenclature.

If liberal democrats truly cared about free trade, perhaps they should consider following free trade as espoused by Adam Smith, rather than looking for ways to weaken it.




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